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Brooker said that in Russia "there is a significantly poorer standard of driving, often unreliable police and high levels of fraud - in the form of staged crashes.

Drivers in Russia in particular were quick to take advantage of dashcams so that they could prove who was at fault in the event of accidents, which happen all too frequently, and to combat fraud."So evidently, Russians were aware of the dangers of their roads and wanted to make sure they had a neutral bystander (a dashcam) watching over them.

They have even started to come to the UK, where growth is huge.

Data from market research group GFK shows dashcam sales increased by 918 per cent in the last 12 months.

That's also why their growth is large in the UK and across the world - the need to combat fraudsters.

This week’s halftime raffle will be at SANTA MONICA.The insurer said that over 50 per cent of fraudulent motor injury claims were made by gangs.Usually the gangs will brake abruptly in front of another innocent driver, forcing the person behind to bump into them and allowing them to make a false compensation claim.Admittedly the base before was most not huge but still, people are beginning to see the benefits behind this technology. For Bryn Brooker, marketing manager at Nextbase, the largest manufacturer of dashcams in the UK (roughly 56 per cent of the market share), one reason is the desire to "go viral".Brooker said the last few months have been "insane" for sales and that is attributable partly to dashcam videos from Russia.

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39 per cent are considering installing a camera in their car while 71 per cent believe that if they were rolled out across the UK they would help cut bogus car insurance claims.