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We are talking about houses and small mansions that may sell for millions of dollars.

Now why would anybody in their right mind buy a house via a conversation on a messaging app?

Can you imagine that at the press of a button, the atmosphere of your living room can go from “romantic date” to “visit from the parents”?

Why testify at a trial in person, when it can just as well be done on We Chat.

Well, on We Chat it is possible to stay in touch with our children.

The Mon-Mon stuffed animal lets parents send their children different recordings, either made by themselves or from a selection that they can find on the official We Chat toy account.

With the busy pace of today, it is getting more and more difficult to spend time with your children.

Also, depending on their age, they aren’t able to read a message, for those of us that always find time.

But wait; there’s more: children can respond to their parents without need for a We Chat account, as they can send voice messages to their parents via the stuffed animal.In China, trust is important above all else, and the distant real estate agent builds it through this platform.It must be mentioned that at least the deal is closed with the help of legal advisors, and the payment is generally done in cash, but the majority of the sale takes place on We Chat.We Chat is a concept that may seem strange to a westerner, because it means leaving behind the world of “constellations of specialized applications” which we are used to, for a “one app for everything” model which aims to control the majority of the life uses of the user.However, there are weirder uses, which may go unnoticed, and which are surprising given the uses that are available with just “one” app.

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Being able to control a house with a remote control is a point in your favor for lots of things: showing off in front of your friends, surprising a date or (more likely) not having to get out of bed to turn off the lights.